Berta Adell is an actress and singer from Barcelona. She has recently added directing to her repertoire and she is amazed by this addition. She’s versatile and tenacious, energetic and sensitive. Passionate and committed to the artistic world (read with intensity). Berta has been training in performing arts since birth, her first tutu is no bigger than a baby suit, and she started learning music before having learned how to write. Jazz music, opera, and Michael Nyman (effortless music for children) were always being played at her home at the weekends. The theatres, cinemas, and museums were the activities the family shared constantly. (With epic tone) Performing arts have nurtured Berta’s life with energy and joy ever since.

She achieved her Performing arts Degree at Nancy Tuñon · Jordi Olivé Escola d’actors while studying for her BA in Hispanic Philology. She has complimented her acting training constantly because it makes her feel awake and prepared to be agile to provide a rich interpretation. At the beginning of her career, her teachers advised her to be warmed up for that moment to come (the big opportunity), to take it as a craft and as a long-distance race. And that’s her motto!

In 2017, she left everything to pursue her career in Madrid. It took nearly two months for the amazing theatre company La Cubana to call and offer her a part in one of their productions in Barcelona, Gente Bien el Musical, so she had to move again (no problem, she’s an easy packer). That’s when she realized that leaving her home town gives her good luck… (That’s why you can easily find her at airports or train station waiting rooms.)

Tram’Dames (on the English version), the co-direction of Metamorphosis (by Gary Bird) and the short film La Duda are some of her latest works.


Have a look at Berta’s reel and some of her projects.

Reel 2018

Berta Adell Reel 2018


La Duda, directed by Fanny Gatibelza (short film)

La Duda (short film)

This is my dream (TV program UIC)

This is my dream

Porca Misèria (TV3 series/ season 4)

Porca Misèria (TV3)


Abacus ho té tot (Abacus Cooperativa)

Abacus ho té tot (commercial)


  • Mysstic Escape Room
  • Ruano


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