Berta Adell is an actress, singer, and recent director form Barcelona. She is versatile and tenacious. Berta has been training performing arts since birth, her first tutu is not bigger than a baby suit, and she started learning music before having learned how to write. Jazz music and classic themes were always being played at her home on the weekends, and theatres, cinemas, and museums were the activities the family share constantly. Performing arts has nurtured her all her life and gives her energy and joy. 

In 2017, she left everything to pursue her career in Madrid, to push it and open it to new opportunities. It took nearly two months for the amazing theatre company La Cubana to call her for its following production in Barcelona, Gente Bien el Musical, and that made her wonder that leaving her home town now and then gives her good luck…. That’s why you can easily find her at airports or train station waiting rooms. 

Tram’Dames (on the English version), a dramatization of Genevan crimes performed in the ancient trams of Genève, or the co-direction with Gary Bird of Metamorphosis, are between her latest works. And currently, she is preparing a play in French with La Mouette company, Qui best Charly? to be performed soon.

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